Revitalization Hydrogel Under Eye Patch (4 Packs of 2 Patches)


Intensive Care for Fine Lines and Wrinkles around the Eyes

Revitalization Hydrogel Under Eye Patch is a hydro-matrix patch for those who want to make the skin around their eyes more elastic and delicate. 

Due to its unique formulation -- Hydrolyzed Collagen improves skin elasticity. Bioflavonoids and Tocopheryl Acetate brightens the applied area, and Sodium Hyaluronate moisturizes your under-eye area.

Its unique structure prevents the patch from falling off while sleeping and allows constant absorption of active ingredients and moisture for up to 8 hours.


Key Features

  • Clinically Proven Efficacy & Safety
  • Self-Adhesiveness
  • Long-Lasting Hydration
  • Soothing & Cooling Effect
  • Provide Moisture and Active Ingredients for up to 8 Hours

How to Use

  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the area of the application.
  2. Peel off the transparent film.
  3. Apply patches under your eyes.
  4. Leave the patch for at least 4 hours.

[Revitalization Hydrogel Eye Patch is recommended to be applied while sleeping for constant absorption of the active ingredients and moisture.]



Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Tocopheryl Acetate, Bioflavonoids

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Labottach is a Korean cosmetic and pharmaceutical company.  Is known for its mask/ patch/ medical devices/ derma-cosmetics products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

it works but just as any eye patch, it's just temporary. i had to leave it on longer as instructed to get the dark circles removed the way i wanted it to. every skin is different so you have to give it several tries to figure out what your skin needs are.

Melanie A.
8 Hour Wear

So these are the first long-term-use eye patches I have tried. I usually use the ones that you put on for 30mins to an hour as more of a recovery agent than this - which as you wear them overnight is more like a preventative. They stick well and surprisingly stayed on overnight despite me being a fidgety sleeper. They are definitely moisturizing, and don't pull on the skin, but not sure I saw as much improvement as with the quicker fix ones. Still they seem to be a quality product, even though the cost might make me think twice but totally worth it!.

Emily A.
it really proved

I have already tried another eye-Patches. Finally, I come back on it. This eye-patch is the most moisturizing and least irritating. It's so comfortable to loaf around at home with this on. My wrinkles were quite deep and thick, but after using it, wrinkles are much better now. I'm willing to buy it again.

Jisso B.
It works! and easy to use

It is very easy and comfortable to take care of your eye area. When I put them under eye area before going to bed, the swelling goes away the next morning and I get moist skin. I think It helps with wrinkles! The patch was still moist after 8 hours and It's still on my skin. I am satisfied with the product. Highly recommended!